Investor Relations

Top Investor Relations Organizations

The most highly regarded professional organization for Investor Relations in the United States (and largest in the world) is the National Investor Relations Institute, or NIRI. Founded in 1969 and located in Vienna, Virginia, NIRI is the professional association of corporate officers and investor relations advisers responsible for effective communication among corporate management, shareholders and securities analysts. NIRI’s 4,400 members represent nearly 2,100 publicly held companies and $5.4 trillion in stock market capitalization. NIRI has 33 chapters located throughout the United States.

In Canada, the professional association is known as the Canadian Investor Relations Institute, or CIRI, and this not-for-profit association of executives handles communication between public corporations, investors and the financial community. CIRI enthusiastically contributes to the clarity and integrity of the Canadian capital market by promoting the advancement of ethical practices, professional competency and importance of investor relations. With four Chapters and 600 members across Canada, CIRI is the world’s second largest society of investor relations professionals.

In the United Kingdom, the recognized industry body is known as The Investor Relations Society. The IR Society was established in 1980 and is a membership organization intended to promote best practice investor relations in the UK, Europe and beyond, and also acts as a forum for issuers and the investment community. It is run by investor relations professionals for investor relations professionals and has nearly 600 members from UK listed companies as well as overseas companies operating in the UK. Its UK members represent two-thirds of companies listed on the FTSE 100 Index.

Australia’s professional organization is known as the Australian Investor Relations Association (AIRA), and was founded in 2001 by a committee of investor relations professionals across major Australian and New Zealand companies. The AIRA was created to provide entities with a single voice in the public debate on corporate disclosure issues and to improve the skills and professionalism of its members. The organization promotes awareness and best practices in regards to investor relations in Australia, and strives to improve the relationship between listed entities and the investment community.