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Mood Media: Progress & Strategy

Mood Media continues to experience sustained growth in its visual customer base, and now the company introduces their new and innovative services to even more premium brands; continuing its positive business momentum.

Mood Media recently announced that one of its ongoing investment programs, which focuses on creating and building best-in-class visual solutions, was in the final stages of completing the all new, state-of-the-art visual laboratory in Charlotte, N.C. Part showroom and part mad scientist lab, the space will be utilized as the staging for the latest, cutting-edge concepts from Mood Media’s visual design team. With a growing base of clients around the world, Mood must constantly adapt and create new digital signage concepts for a variety of consumers and cultures. To capitalize on this opportunity, the company also intends to accelerate its visuals investment program, the costs of which will likely have an impact during Q4 2012 and into early 2013. The visual and social media business is one that is very compelling, young and is uniquely positioned for maximum capitalization; a key performance indicator that any entrepreneur like Andrew Rivkin is quick to recognize, and Mood Media as a company reiterates its intention to capitalize on every opportunity such as this.

Unfortunately, and without disregarding those most affected by Hurricane Sandy, Mood Media must continue to assess the impact the storm had on business operations. The hurricane last October caused widespread damage across 24 states, including Mood Media’s numerous customer installations in New York and New Jersey. While the impact of Hurricane Sandy is not capable of being fully quantified yet, management does not currently believe that the impact will be too significant.

In a December 27th press release, Mood Media announced its acquisition of Technomedia Solutions as well as its sister company, GoConvergence; just another building block for the company’s bold strategy of ongoing investments in order to deliver the best-in-class media solutions. Technomedia Solutions and GoConvergencefor were purchased for around US$23 million in cash plus contingent consideration payable in 2014, which is based on the profitable growth of the operations.

As for the future of Mood Media, Management remains confident that their strategy of delivering new and innovative services will continue to create intriguing customer connections for its clients, as well as produce sustained improvements in regards to both its operations and finances.