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Mood Media Reports for Third Quarter 2012

In a November, 2012 press release, Mood Media Corporation (ISIN: CA61534J1057) (TSX:MM / LSE AIM:MM), shared its third quarter operating and financial results. Mood Media is one of the world’s largest integrated providers of in-store customer solutions, and the company for which Andrew Rivkin acts as a business consultant, boasted revenues of $120 million; a 38% improvement from 2011 Q3, which was driven by acquisitions, advancements in the North American and International markets, increased customer growth, and rising blended ARPU.

The press release noted:
Adjusted EBITDA rose by 16% relative to the prior year’s quarter to $32.1 million reflecting acquisitions, improvements in ARPU and offset by lower equipment sales, lower non-recurring revenues and unfavourable translation of Euro results.

Net loss per share from continuing operations was ($0.03) compared with ($0.09) in the prior-year period. Lower losses in the current period were driven by the improvement in EBITDA and a foreign exchange gain on financing transactions, offset by higher transaction and restructuring costs and unfavourable translation of Euro results to our reported U.S. dollar results.

“Mood Media is establishing market-leading capabilities in media, interactive and sensory solutions to enhance in-store consumer experience, and we are seeing the results of this strategy in our strong growth in ARPU for the third quarter,” said Lorne Abony, Chairman and CEO of Mood Media.

Mood-Media-logoMood Media Corporation is a well known and successful in-store media company that specializes in consumer experiences through audio, visual, interactive, scent, voice and advertising solutions. The aim is to appeal to the human senses while helping businesses better communicate with consumers, with an ultimate goal of driving incremental sales at the point-of-purchase. Mood Media works with over a half million commercial locations in dozens of countries around the world, and their products and services reach hundreds of millions of people every day. The company works with over 850 U.S. and international brands in diverse market sectors including retail, fashion, financial services, hospitality and dining.