Andrew Rivkin

Canadian entrepreneur, businessman and investor Andrew Rivkin was born in Toronto on May 31, 1969. Andrew’s keen business sense manifested early on in life when he founded a network business systems company while he was still in his teens. Soon after he graduated from University College, University of Toronto in 1992, he and his brother Mark began working on a concept involving the pleasures of online gaming and secure online financial software for Internet users from the basement of their parents’ house. What developed was Cryptologic, a company that pioneered secure transaction management for online gaming, and is now one of the largest software application service providers in the world. While the Rivkin brothers operated their company Cryptologic successfully listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange, achieving a market cap of more than $500 million.

After stepping down as CEO of Cryptologic in 2002, Andrew Rivkin he and one of his closest business partners founded Columbia Exchange Systems Software PLC, later renamed FUN Technologies and the world’s largest provider of online casual games and fantasy sports while Mr. Rivkin handled business operations. FUN Technologies was sold to Liberty Media in 2007 and valued at nearly C$500 million at the time of the acquisition. Mr. Rivkin currently acts as a business consultant for Mood Media and he has a great deal of experience with business management and investment strategies, mainly from his success with the founding of Cryptologic.